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Cerrone Collector Box

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 Love In C Minor
A Love In C Minor 16:08
B1 Black Is Black 5:52
B2 Midnite Lady 7:28
  Cerrone's Paradise
C Cerrone's Paradise 16:30
D1 Take Me 6:07
D2 Time For Love 6:15
D3 Cerrone's Paradise 3:31
  Cerrone 3 - Supernature
E1 Supernature 10:20
E2 Sweet Drums 3:30
E3 In The Smoke 4:40
F1 Give Me Love 6:10
F2 Love Is Here 5:20
F3 Love Is The Answer 6:00
  Cerrone IV - The Golden Touch
G1 Je Suis Music 7:48
G2 Rocket In The Pocket 7:20
H1 Look For Love 10:10
H2 Music Of Life 6:30
  Cerrone VII - You Are The One
I1 Hooked On You 5:36
I2 My Look 5:25
I3 Letter To My Mother 5:01
I4 Some One To Love 4:55
J1 You Are The One 6:48
J2 Cherry Tree 5:13
J3 Took Me So Long 6:45
K1 The Only One 5:12
K2 Gonna Get You 5:19
K3 Funky Love 5:46
L1 Hysteria 4:03
L2 Had To Be You 6:04
L3 Wake The Beach 3:07
M1 Love On The Dancefloor 6:30
M2 Got To Have Lovin' 7:38
M3 38 And You 3:09
N1 That's Right 7:21
N2 101 5:56
N3 Back Home 2:11

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