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Status Quo Quid Pro Quo

Status Quo Quid Pro Quo

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1. Two Way Traffic (Rossi/Edwards)
2. Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You (Rossi/Bown)
3. Dust To Gold (Rossi/Bown/Edwards)
4. Let's Rock (Parfitt/Morris)
5. Can't See for Looking (Parfitt/Bown/Edwards)
6. Better Than That (Rossi/Young)
7. Movin' On (Rossi/Young)
8. Leave A Little Light On (Parfitt/Morris)
9. Any Way You Like It (Bown/Crook/Edwards)
10. Frozen Hero (Rossi/Bown)
11. Reality Cheque (Parfitt/Edwards)
12. The Winner (Rossi/Young)
13. It's All About You (Rossi/Young)
14. My Old Ways (Rossi/Young)
1. Whatever You Want
2. Down Down
3. Don't Drive My Car
4. Hold You Back
5. Pictures Of Matchstick Men
6. Ice In The Sun
7. Beginning Of The End
8. Roll Over Lay Down
9. Caroline
10. Rocking All Over The World
11. Paper Plane
12. Softer Ride


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